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As a Teacher

As a Learner

"So enthusiastic and always went above and beyond when I asked a question, aiming to give the most complete answer he could. A really really great TA."

"Well organised with material posted on learn for further response to a student's question. Awesome!"

"So good. 10/10 went to him for every problem."

"Very approachable and easy to deal with, very willing to help and make sure the student understands. Cheers!"

"Every time I approached him with a question he was able to answer it in a way that I understood, and also was able to explain any greater or important context around the idea. Since he was able to remember taking this paper as a student, he was often able to understand how I thought of or approached an idea and was able to explain the idea better."

Anonymous students TA Evaluation responses

University of Canterbury Undergraduate Engineering

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“Nine-tenths of education is encouragement.” - Anatole France

As an Employee

Dr Chris Pretty

Senior Lecturer and PhD Supervisor, University of Canterbury

"Dr Balmer spent the prior 4 years as a fully funded MedTech Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) Research Associate studying the modeling of cardiovascular mechanics for clinical application to personalise and improve outcomes in managing the heart and circulation. I would note the research was highly successful, leading to novel computational modeling and signal processing paradigms that allow direct estimation of heart function and stroke volume without additionally invasive catheters – a “holy grail” outcome in intensive care medicine, where such measures are too invasive to do to patients.

It has been a great pleasure working with Dr Balmer over the last 4 years. His interpersonal and written communication skills are outstanding. His project management and interpersonal skills in particular have allowed him to create pleasant and productive working relationships with everybody involved across a huge range of disciplines. Especially noteworthy are his skills in engaging at all levels with clinical, technical and business partners alike, as well as his ability to teach and deliver knowledge to students which translates well to any industry or educational sector."

Dr Geoff Chase

Distinguished Professor and PhD Supervisor, University of Canterbury


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"Joel is a natural leader, who fulfilled his role as Head Boy with confidence and ease. Utterly principled, reliable and articulate, he inspires confidence and trust among his peers and great respect from staff and younger members of the college community. He is never arrogant - just his demeanour commands respect. His face is always animated and his polite positivity constant.


Joel has enormous inner strength and an outward capability that is tempered with patience and magnanimity. One staff member describes him as a well-grounded, well-rounded young man who has the world at his feet." 

Richard A Campbell

Principle of Paraparaumu College


Joel was always keen to offer help and to complete the tasks assigned to the best of his ability.  He was eager to learn, to challenge and to contribute to discussion. He was a valued member of our team and we wish him well in his future endeavours.

Richard Wager

Technical Director Beca

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Joel was a pleasure to have work with us . . .  He was eager to learn and listened carefully to instructions.  He got along great with the other staff and was interested in learning as much as he could about our business and the different type of work that we do.

Dan Hardy

Owner Operator Hardy Rifle

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